the vision

I consider reuse, the up-cycling ethos, and the visual aesthetics seated in punk to challenge conventions associated with jewellery objects—via material subversion.


I use post-consumables from the mid-to-late 20th-century for their material design legacies as found in this period. In my creative works, I aim to visually construct social narratives centrally positioned as autoethnography. This narratological framing functions through material subversion via reconstructed images of social history, objects from the mid-to-late 20th century, and language.
The latter predominately through musical lyrics, phrases, and verses of this time found in proto-punk, punk, and post-punk.


My practice includes collecting, gathering, and accumulating materials from primary and secondary markets, also found objects. I curate a spectrum of materials, including contemporary materials, which I select, pair, and embed in my works—through collage, assemblage, or fusion.


I construct jewellery forms—to refashion specific memories—distilled moments. The visual reading of my work may induce a shared recall of time invite curiosity or playfulness—I aim to build visual tension via metonymy and metaphor in each piece to convey a narrative as a social message.

Eden Lennox Text Logo

I construct jewellery forms. Refashion specific memories. Distilled moments.